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Why buying from florafabs is different ?.......

We are an exporter and wholesaler of authentic classic handicraft products. Our core business segments are wooden kitchenware, wooden decorative, wooden carved gift articles, Jaipur print cotton and textile products, and metal decorative with chitai work, which are proudly made in India.

Each and every handcrafted product is masterpiece itself, the result of an extreme blend of heritage skills, time taking process, art & culture carried from generations by our skilled artisans, truly makes it differenct , that's why, we called it proud Indian handicraft product.


We are always motivated by elements of sustainability, eco-systems, and environmental friendliness that’s why our team constantly keeps innovating our products to match the modern lifestyle and global trends. Sustainability encourages meeting the demands of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, while maintaining a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being.
Sustainability leads to a future we leave to the next generation. Awakened intellectuals, customers and businesses can contribute by demonstrating these values through their policies, everyday activities and behavior.
We embraced this principle and applied it enthusiastically in our business activity and product range. In order to provide sustainable, eco-friendly, handmade, classic articles sourcing from select origins that have been famous for regional art and design for centuries, we at florafabs, are serving to our passionate customers who understand the value of an extreme blend of skills and the time devoted by our artisans to the product .
It truly belongs to you, the genuine admirer!

Go, grab it !! from florafabs authentic online handicraft store

Why and how the sustainable and natural wooden kitchenware is emerging healty choice and more relevent ?

Environmental Conservation

Deforestation and overexploitation of forests are major environmental concerns. Choosing wooden kitchenware made from sustainably sourced wood helps reduce the demand for virgin timber and encourages responsible forestry practices.

Reduced Plastic Usage

Traditional kitchenware often contains plastic components that can contribute to plastic pollution into the kitchen and user’s health. It also harm marine life. Wooden kitchenware provides a biodegradable alternative, reducing the reliance on plastic in the kitchen.


When wooden kitchenware reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be composted or disposed of without causing long-term harm to the environment, unlike plastic alternatives that can persist in landfills for centuries and constantly contaminating the nature and environment.

Connection to Nature

Using wooden kitchenware can foster a deeper connection to nature and the environment. It reminds us of the importance of sustainable practices and encourages a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Wooden kitchenware has a lower carbon footprint compared to the products made from materials metal i.e. aluminium, brass, copper, steel or plastic. Trees absorb carbon dioxide during their growth, making wooden products a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative choice when managed sustainably

Durability and Longevity

Well-made wooden kitchenware can be incredibly durable and long-lasting. When cared for properly, wooden utensils, cutting boards, and other items can serve you for many years, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste. Wooden utensils can be easily cleaned by vinegar, salt, baking soda etc. and olive oil gives shining and rejuvenate it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden kitchenware adds a natural and warm aesthetic to your kitchen. It can enhance the overall look and feel of your cooking and dining space, making it more inviting and pleasant.

Health and Safety

Wooden kitchenware is generally considered safe for food preparation because it is less likely to transfer harmful chemicals or toxins to your food. Unlike some plastics and metals, wood is non-reactive and doesn't leach harmful substances into your meals.

Support to Local and Artisanal Production

Supporting local artisans and craftsmen who produce wooden kitchenware can help boost local economies and promote traditional craftsmanship.

Growing Consumer Demand

As awareness of environmental issues and sustainability grows, consumers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives in their everyday lives. The demand for sustainable wooden kitchenware is a reflection of this shifting consumer mindset.

In conclusion...

sustainable and eco-friendly wooden kitchenware is more relevant and necessary today due to its positive environmental impact, reduced plastic usage, durability, safety, aesthetics, and alignment with growing consumer preferences for eco-conscious choices. By opting for wooden kitchenware, individuals can play a part in reducing their environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.
Think, come forward & take initiative…..we are happy to help you, guide you and to serve you.

What are the sustainable and environment friendly wooden product range available for online shopping at florafabs ?

Wooden kitchenware

Our unmatched collection of wooden kitchenware are widely popular among European countries. A wide range of vibrant and colourful wooden bowls, wooden platters, wooden canisters, wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden spatulas, wooden tea coasters, and wooden decorative products are showcased in our collections. Mango wood and acacia wood are used for the base structure of wooden utensils and dining tableware. beautifully drawn artwork and unmatched colorful hand painting by our skilled artisans makes it a true masterclass. Thereafter, each product has a non-toxic and food-safe enamel coating.

Our kitchenware products reflect and symbolize our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This item is handmade, eco-friendly, and BPA-free. Unlike aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals, wooden utensils do not emit toxic elements into meals.

Passionate handicraft admirer, renowned hotels, restaurants, clubs, and corporates are admirer of our wooden kitchenware products, we are also one of the emerging gateways to a sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Wooden bowl

You can choose wooden bowl of different shapes and designs from our refreshing collection. Every wooden bowl has a non-toxic, food-safe enamel coating, the wooden element makes it sustainable and eco-friendly. A quality product from Usability of this wooden bowl is for snacks, fruits, dry fruits, cookies, salads, on dining table, on coffee table etc.

Wooden platter

Serving with luxury style are unmatched now, checkout our range of wooden platters of difference shapes and designs, curious to see, checkout here.

Wooden coaster

Now, while drinking tea and coffee, feel elevated that you embraced the nature. Why not ? your wooden coaster from florafabs online store is genuinely sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Wooden canister

Take the privilege to cherish your memories, pull out some candy, chocolates from our wooden canister and share it with your loved one, or used it to fill the spices in the kitchen, or fill dry fruits in it and keep it on the dining table. It would be gonna interesting, when you relate it to our mother nature. You would crave to thank mother nature. That’s why our products are emerging in the market.

Wooden chopping board

Gracious floral artwork, multiple shapes of our designer wooden chopping board collection certainly uplift your mood and would elevate your kitchen decor. Now,you need to spare a cozy space for it, at your kitchen.

Wooden spoon,wooden fork

Using wooden spoons and wooden forks are gonna essential and healthy. It does not emit metallic reactions to food during cooking like other metals. Didn’t think yet ,about it? Then, It is the right time. check it out.

Wooden casserole

Serving food with love will be more easy with our wooden casseroles , why not ? its inside natural wooden element keep your food healhty in natural way and handpainted drawing and painting on upper lid with handle takes you more closure to mother nature. Didn’t thought...? Then, It is the right time.

It’s a matter of self-initiative and gratitude to mother nature. what we have taken, and what we can give in return. Embrace and follow a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Emerging gateway is awaiting you.

Hand carved wooden decorative, gift articles

In this segment, we bring wooden carved decorative sculptures handcrafted by our skilled artisans, who are proudly having the legacy from genrations. These carved wooden handicraft are truly masterpieces and proudly made in India. Currently, the raw material wood used for sculpture work is kadam-wood known as (burflower-tree wood) also, these handcrafted products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and widely used on certain occasions i.e. Diwali gifts, new year gifts, birthday gifts, and house warming gifts, new year gifts, corporate gifting, festival occasions, indoor and outdoor home decorations, idol worship and lot more.

Variety of items, wooden ganesha carved , wooden buddha carved, wooden lord Buddha's head carved, wooden carved elephant, wooden decorative sculptures carved, and wooden carved sculptures are available online at What your choice? Not sure,we can help.

Cotton and textile products | To be introduced soon for online domestic sale....

We introduce the essence of traditional skill & process of hand block printing on cotton textiles with eco-friendly heritage colours, which is a 500 years old legacy of Rajasthan and it is called SANGANERI PRINTS or the JAIPURI PRINTS, also widely known as HAND BLOCK PRINTING or HAND Bloc print as well.

In block printing, traditional plant-based dyes and processes are followed. The Sanganeri print or the Jaipur print is a printing process or method, in which wooden engraved hand blocks are used to dipped in dye and print manually along the length of cloth/fabric to create beautiful floral patterns. Each colour pattern is patiently stamped using separate hand blocs onto the fabric and this process requires an extreme blend of skills and time, as the pattern is stamped repeatedly and patiently across the fabric, colour by colour.

The slight human irregularities - inevitable in handwork -create the artistic effect emblematic of block prints. The final outcome of this intricate labour is a timeless beauty, and every garment made from this fabric is ultimate & unique.

The Sanganeri prints are widely known for delicate and fine endless designs, especially flower motifs are generally known as 'Buttas'. Originally, Sanganeri prints enshine on white and off-white cotton fabrics. Though it is an almost ancient method of block printing, still has a prominent position in the textile industry due to its elegance and royal appearance and usage of this printed fabric on endless wide range of cotton products.

Despite huge competition of price and endless variety of fabrics, this hand-block print has significant market value, prominent position, and always is in high demand. characteristics of products makes it sustainable and eco-friendly and this is the key factor behind the huge success of sanganeri printed fabric and its products.

We have introduced the latest, innovative and trendy range of Handicraft products which are available at where you can buy online i.e. cotton bedsheets, dining table covers, tote bags, wash bags, travel bags, vanity pouches, weekend bags and lot of products. Checkout the latest trend and pick your loved one.

Tote bag

Thinking of go-to accessories, enjoy your personal style and have fun with fashion, totes have made a comeback for a casual look. We bring here a sanganeri print or Jaipur print cotton quilted tote bag with a pocket and reversible usability. Ideal for casual shopping, travel, picnics, gifting, carrying baby belongings, etc.

Wash bag

Jaipur print or sanganeri prints cotton wash bag is having inside plastic liner stitched with pocket chambers inside ideal to carry baby items, use as shaving kit bag, or a wash bag and also ideal for gifting to your loved one.

Weekend bag

Sanganeri prints cotton travel bag also known as block printed cotton weekend bag or travel bag, which is useful for casual style while traveling or gift to your loved one.

Dining table cover

Range of vibrant and colourful sanganeri prints cotton printed dining table cover sufficient for six seater dining table.

Single bed sheet

Beautiful sanganeri prints cotton printed single bed sheets.

Cotton double bedsheet

This segment has economical cotton double bedsheets with pillow covers are of best quality weaving pattern, vibrant colour and designs, that are suitable for 6X6 ft size bed. prints are non-fedable after daily usage, perfect for corporate gifting and gifting to your loved one on your specific interested occasions.

We, welcome you to an endless glorious journey at our planet for best quality handicraft products.


Team florafabs.


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